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Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

The Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine offers a comprehensive range of features – from bag making and metering to filling and sealing – that ensure efficient operation. Additionally, the machine provides moisture-proofing, anti-odor evaporation, and preservation capabilities. This advanced packaging system has revolutionized the craft packaging industry by providing large enterprises with an automated solution that saves time and money. Small and medium-sized companies can now benefit from this increased productivity at a fraction of the cost.


Product Description

Working principle

1. Evenly place the item on the sealing strip of the Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine and place it beneath the pressure bag.
2. Close the vacuum chamber and apply a light pressure to initiate a fully automated sequence of vacuum, sealing, printing, and air return.
3. Along with one vacuum chamber, another can be used to place items – after completion in one, the upper vacuum chamber can be shifted to another for further processing.
4. In case of any abnormalities during the operation, an emergency stop button is available to halt progress immediately.
5. When not in use, power must be shut off and locked with the switch placed in an “off” position before cleaning operations are carried out.

Technique Parameter

Produce speed40-50bags/min
Tea content1-8 g/bag
Tea requestTea length≤15mm,assumes the platy, otherwise the weighing precision will drop.
Bag paper requestLabel line nylon or adhesive-bonded cloth(picture sample will be enclosed)
Roll quantity1
Rolled paper core inside diameterΦ76mm
Rolled outer diameter≤Φ350mm
Seal cuttingultrasound
Seal cutting equipment2 sets
Standard electric appliance configurePneumatic element, button, exchange contact device
Source pressure≥0.6Mpa
Motor powerApproximately 1.4kw(220v)
Machine sizeL830*W660*H1522(mm)
Machine weight350kg

Details Images

Details Images
Details Images


1. What features does the Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine offer?
The Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine features an advanced PLC control system with a bilingual display in both Chinese and English, adjustable packaging speed and bag length within a certain range without needing to replace parts, a double synchronous belt for pulling the film, automatic corrective tensioning of the cylinder, and an alarm protection function.

2. Is this machine safe to use?
Yes, this machine is safe to use as it has an alarm protection function that ensures any potential losses are greatly reduced.

3. Does it come with any warranty?
Yes, our Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machines come with a 12-month limited warranty.

4. Can I get help with installation or technical support?
Yes, we provide full installation instructions as well as professional technical support from our experienced staff members.

Get the Complete Tea Bag Packing Machine Solution.

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