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Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press

Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press

The Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press is an essential machine for processing granular materials into tablets in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industrial sectors, with high assembly precision, excellent material resistance, wear resistance, stability, and reliability. This product has gained immense popularity nationwide and is used in numerous industries, from pharmaceutical factories to veterinary drug factories and ceramic factories.


Product Description

Structural features

  1. This Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press features a flow gate type feeding mechanism, resulting in even die hole filling and reduced die weight difference.
  2. The motor is located on the machine base, driving a worm drive turntable via a V-belt while also allowing speed adjustment through the use of an adjustable pulley. This setup is both safe and reliable, with minimal noise.
  3. The powder suction box on the side of the machine base consists of a blower, powder storage room, and filter room that prevents flying powder or particles from interfering with operation by collecting them quickly and efficiently.

Technique parameter

Dies (sets)232527
Max. Pressure (kn)100100100
Max. dia. of tablet (mm)353230
Max. Thickness of tablet(mm)151515
Max. Depth of fill (mm)303030
Max. output of one-layer tablets (pcs/h)690007500081000
Rotational diameter (mm)445445445
Rotational speed of revolving table (r/min)10-2510-2510-25
Diameter of middle mould (mm)525252
Highness of middle mould (mm)383838
Length of up and down punch pole (mm)454545
Length of up punch pole (mm)175175175
Length of down punch pole (mm)180180180
Overall dimensions(mm)1000×1250×1900
Net weight (kg)320032003200
Motor modelYU132M4AYU132M4AYU132M4A
Motor (kw)

Product Picture



Q1:What are the advantages of using an Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press?

As an Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press can produce more tablets within a shorter period of time than manual tablet pressing, it provides higher productivity and cost-effectiveness to the users. Additionally, Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Presses ensure precision in terms of weight, thickness, and hardness of the tablets as well as a higher level of uniformity in their quality.

Q2:How does the Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press ensure the quality of the tablets produced?

The Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to control the tablet forming process with precision, minimizing the risk of rejection and rework. The machine uses computerized monitoring systems that ensure tablets are formed consistently and free of defects such as cracks, chips, and contamination.

Q3:What types of raw materials can be used in an Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press?

An Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press is capable of pressing various types of raw materials, including powders, and granules. The machine can process materials such as pharmaceutical compounds, herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals, to name a few. This flexibility makes it suitable for various industries and applications.

Q4:Can the Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press be customized according to the user’s specific requirements?

Yes, Various customization options are available, such as changing the number of stations, punches, and dies to produce tablets of different sizes, shapes, and hardness levels. The user can also add optional features such as automatic lubrication systems and high-speed feeding devices to increase production efficiency.

Q5:How does Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press help in reducing production downtime?

The Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing operators to easily control the machine and quickly diagnose any faults that may occur during production. The machine is also built with a robust structure and advanced safety features that minimize downtime due to maintenance or repair issues. Moreover, the Automatic Rotary Continuous Tablet Press employs a quick changeover system that facilitates fast and seamless switching between different product runs.

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