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Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag has replaced manual packaging, providing large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises with the capability to initiate packaging themselves, which ultimately leads to the improvement of production power in various industries and the reduction of costs. This machine is able to package not only tea but also a variety of solid materials by selecting different metering filling equipment according to the material used.


Product Description


1. The Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag is equipped with standard testing equipment, which can detect and prevent any loss of packaging material due to the package not being filled or the bag not being opened.

2. This machine uses pre-fabricated packaging bags that are sealed perfectly with high quality, thus yielding a higher product level.

3. It is equipped with variable frequency speed control equipment that can be adjusted freely within a certain scale, allowing for convenient operation.

4. It has an advanced PLC plus touch screen electrical control system that allows for user-friendly operation and easy usage.

5. This machine actively completes all steps involved in packing tea bags: bag making, wire feeding, labeling, dosing, filling, sealing, slitting, and counting.

Technique Parameter

Sealing type3/4 sides seal
Packing weight0.5-15ml depends on product)
Inner bag sizeWidth 50-170mm , length 50-120mm
Outer bag sizeWidth50-200mm, length 80-160mm
Tag sizeL:20-40mm W:40-55mm
Production capacity30-80 bags/min
Thread length155mm
Power supplyAC220V, 50/60Hz
Power3.7 KW
Overall dimension900*610*1800mm (L*W*H)
Net weight500kg

Details Images

Details Images
Details Images


1. What features does the Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag offer?
The Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine With Outer Bag offers an advanced PLC control system with a bilingual display, adjustable packaging speed, and bag length within a certain range without needing to replace parts, a double synchronous belt for pulling the film, automatic corrective tensioning of the cylinder, inner and outer bag making system with an alarm protection function.

2. Does this machine require a manual operation?
This machine is fully automated and requires no manual operation.

3. Does it come with any warranty?
Yes, our Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machines come with a 12-month limited warranty.

4. Can I get help with installation or technical support?
Yes, we provide full installation instructions as well as professional technical support from our experienced staff members.

Get the Complete Tea Bag Packing Machine Solution.

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