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Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer

Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer

The Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer is designed for dry powder materials, particularly for mixing particles in industries such as pharmacy, chemical, food, fodder, pottery, and metallurgy. It can be loaded manually or by using a vacuum to suck the material into the mixer which uses two high-model V cylinder tubes that are mechanically driven to stir and reciprocate them to achieve even mixing. For safety purposes, it features stainless steel sealing which also meets GMP requirements. It is suitable for uniform mixing of pharmaceuticals and other industrial powder or granular materials due to its no dead angle design with no accumulation and fast speed that ensures short mixing time.


Product Description


1. The Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer is a single-shaft stirring device with a V-type asymmetric material tube that features no dead angles, even high-efficiency mixing, and a rational structure.
2. It is easy to operate, and the material tube is made of stainless steel, resulting in bright and clean inner walls that are easy to wash.
3. Its blade angle design is reasonable, creating an upward and downward rolling motion of the material as it rotates while at the same time pushing on the sides of the tank to achieve even mixing with no stationary material left in any corners.

Technique parameter

TypeBarrel capacity(L)Feed volume (L)Feed weight (kg)Agitation speed (r/min)Mix with time (min)Motor power (kw)

Product Picture


Q1:What is the capacity of a Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer?
Our mixer comes in various sizes ranging from 8L to 1000L. You can choose the size based on your laboratory requirements.

Q2:How does the Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer work?
The mixer operates on the principle of a V-shape container, where the mixing is done by the rotation of the container at a specific speed. The V-shape container ensures that the materials are perfectly mixed without any dead spots.

Q3:What is the material used in the construction of Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer?
Our mixer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures the durability of the product, even after prolonged use. The stainless steel prevents corrosion and rust, making it perfect for laboratory use.

Q4:Does the Cost-effective Laboratory V-type Mixer require any maintenance?
Our mixer is low maintenance and easy to clean. You can easily clean the mixer after every use to maintain its efficiency and longevity. Additionally, we offer comprehensive service and support to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience using our product.

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