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Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press With Two Hoopers

Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press With Two Hoopers

The Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press with Two Hoppers is a versatile device capable of pressing several sheet types, including circular, engraved, shaped, double, multilayer sheets, ring sheets, or packaged chips. It finds extensive usage in diverse fields and is particularly useful for beginners to the two-layer tablet press. It is crucial to adhere to strict guidelines during the use of raw materials and accessories for optimal device operation.


Product Description


1、It has two hoppers, so the raw material is delivered faster

2、The machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

3、It has a transparent cover, which allows you to see the tablets being pressed.

4、The machine is easy to operate and can be used by anyone.

Technique Parameter

Dies (sets)33353741
Max. Pressure (kn)80808080
Max. dia. of tablet (mm)13131313
Max. Depth of fill (mm)15151515
Thickness of largest tablet (mm)6666
Turret speed (r/min)14-3714-3714-3714-37
Production capacity (pc/h)130000150000160000170000
Motor (kw)4444
Overall dimensions(mm)980*1240*1690980*1240*16901230*950*16701230*950*1670
Net weight (kg)1700170017001700

Details Images

Detail Images
Detail Images

Working Principle

1. The raw materials are loaded, and the hopper feeds them to the compression chamber, where they are processed between the upper and lower punches.
2. During compression, the upper and lower punches move towards each other, applying high pressure within the chamber to form tablets.
3. The device’s dual-layer design enables the production of various types of tablets, including double-layer, multi-layer, engraved, shaped, or ring-shaped tablets, and more, depending on the die’s configuration.
4. The tablets produced are ejected from the device through the chute, ready for post-processing or packaging.


Q1:How reliable and durable is the Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press With Two Hoopers, and what kinds of maintenance are required?

Our Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press With Two Hoopers is built to last, with high-quality materials and precise engineering ensuring long-lasting performance. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machine working at its optimal level, with routine cleaning and lubrication required. The machine also includes a range of safety features to ensure smooth operation and minimize the risk of damage or breakdowns.

Q2:Are there any special requirements or considerations for using it, and how can I make sure my tablet production runs are successful?

It’s important to select the right tablet press tooling to suit your specific product requirements and to carefully calibrate the machine for optimal performance.

Q3:What types of tablets can I produce with this machine, and what size ranges are possible?

It is versatile and can be used to produce a range of tablet types, including double-layer tablets in a variety of shapes and sizes. The machine offers customizable tooling options, allowing for precision tablet pressing with a wide range of tablet sizes and shapes. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for manufacturers with diverse product lines.

Q4:How does the Rotary Double Layers Tablet Press With Two Hoopers compare to other tablet press machines on the market, and what sets it apart?

It provides greater efficiency and accuracy compared to traditional single-layer presses, reducing production time and costs while ensuring consistently high-quality tablets. Additionally, the machine is durably constructed, easy to operate, and adaptable to a range of tablet types and sizes.

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