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Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine

Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine

The Rotary Effervescent Tablet Press Machine is an essential tool for any production line. This machine quickly and effectively presses particulate material into tablets according to specific requirements. The device also offers pre-pressing to extend the duration of compression, providing more precise tablet production with superior-quality results. With easy operation and robust construction, this machine delivers reliable performance even in the busiest settings.


Product Description

Main application

1. The Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine is a double-pressing, automatically revolving piece-pressing machine used to form round tablets, character carvings, special shapes, and double-color pieces with particulate material.
2. This machine is perfect for the production of tablets in pharmaceutical industries, as well as chemical and food processing companies.
3. Additionally, components can be replaced, and a powder-absorbing apparatus can be added for double-color piece manufacturing, greatly reducing costs while increasing profits.

Technique parameter

Dies (sets)25
Max. Pressure (kn)100
Max. dia. of tablet (mm)32
Max. Thickness of tablet(mm)15
Max. Depth of fill (mm)30
Max. output of one-layer tablets(pcs/h)75000
Rotational diameter (mm)445
Rotational speed of revolving table (r/min)10-25
Diameter of middle mould (mm)52
Highness of middle mould (mm)38
Length of up and down punch pole (mm)45
Length of up punch pole (mm)175
Length of down punch pole (mm)180
Overall dimensions(mm)1000×1250×1900
Net weight (kg)3200
Motor modelYU132M4A
Motor (kw)7.5

Product Picture

Product Picture
Product Picture

Operating principle

  1. With a lid made of stainless steel and a compact design, the Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine is equipped with an inner tablet surface made from stainless steel to maintain luster and prevent contamination in accordance with GMP requirements.
  2. For easy observation of the tablet’s state, the machine is also equipped with a plexiglass perspective window and side blanks that can be fully opened for cleaning and maintenance.
  3. All monitors are in good condition, and the machine includes frequency-changing, speed-regulating apparatus for electrical regulation, as well as semi-automatically lubricating equipment and a plexiglass anti-dust cover on the upper revolving table for smooth operation and safety.
  4. The transmission system is sealed in an oil box below the main machine, preventing contamination while facilitating heat dissipation and preventing grinding.
  5. Finally, there is a powder-absorbing apparatus to absorb excess powder from the tablet pressing room.


Q1:What kind of effervescent tablets can be produced by the Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine?

The Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine can produce a variety of effervescent tablets, including nutritional supplements, probiotics, electrolytes, and antacids, among others.

Q2:What sets the Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine apart from other rotary presses?

The Rotary Effervescent Tablet Press machine is built with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components, which makes it more durable and reliable than other rotary presses in the market. The machine also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate, and it requires relatively low maintenance. Additionally, it can produce high-quality tablets with consistent weight, hardness, and dissolution rate.

Q3:What is the production capacity of the Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine?

The Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine has a production capacity of one-layer tablets (75000pcs/h). This capacity can be adjusted according to the specific needs of the manufacturer. Moreover, the machine’s output can be modified depending on the tablet’s shape, dosage, and size.

Q4:What are the benefits of using a Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine?

Using a Rotary Effervescent Tablet press machine can result in a more efficient and cost-effective production process. The machine can produce high-quality tablets in large quantities, reducing the need for additional labor and manual labor. Moreover, it can ensure precise dosing, uniformity, and consistency of the final product. This, in turn, can lead to higher customer satisfaction, greater market share, and increased profitability for the manufacturer.

Q5:Can the Rotary Effervescent Tablet Pressmachine be customized to fit specific production requirements?

Yes, The machine can also be designed to meet the needs of different industries, such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food processing industries. Manufacturers can work with our team of experts to design the perfect rotary press that fits their unique requirements.

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