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Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches

Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches

The Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches is the latest innovation in tablet production. This cutting-edge device allows you to press different shapes and plain tablets with unprecedented efficiency – making it a must-have for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food production, and more! Producing cleaner, more hygienic tablets is easy with the Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches. Its industrial-grade all-stainless steel construction keeps safety and dustproof systems on lockdown while a high visibility isolation door stops any risk of cross-contamination. Plus, parts can be quickly removed for effortless maintenance, making your work easier. Order now and revolutionize your tablet production today!


Product Description

The Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches is a revolutionary new tablet production device designed to maximize efficiency and improve product quality. Built with heavy-duty stainless steel and a high-visibility isolation door, this press offers superior safety features, dust protection measures, and easily removable parts for quick maintenance. This ensures precise and hygienic tablets every time.

Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches

Construction Instructions

1. Upper-pressure roller frame device of Rotary Tablet Press
This method ensures the safety of protection members by utilizing a whole casting for the upper cover and installing pressure wheels in sleeved grooves on crankshafts. It dies using an eccentric moment to reduce tension when pressed too much. This is done easily by adjusting the rotating flower-shaped handle and modifying the spring length to reach enough pressure.

2, the upper track device of the Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches
A distinctive disc-shaped guide rail facilitates movement along its convex edge, with a heat-treated steel insert secured by screws. Its unique trajectory allows for an elegant lifting motion.

3. 9-hole turntable device for Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches
The majestic turntable is an architectural feat of engineering, with nine vertical dies arranged in a regal circle around its core. As the worm gears drive into motion, all nine dice gracefully rotate as one unified unit for perfect precision and control.

4, the drive shaft of the Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches with the clutch device
When the machine’s load reaches a certain threshold, it triggers an intricate system acting as history. A drive shaft is horizontally mounted in a bearing bracket and fitted with components such as worm gear at its center, test hand wheel near one end, and conical disc clutch at the other, all managed by a handle control switch while functioning off-coil spring pressure until slip-point is achieved to safeguard any potential damage that might otherwise be caused.


1, Industrial-grade all stainless steel construction
2, High visibility isolation door
3, Easily removable parts for maintenance
4, Dustproof systems for maximum safety
5, Ability to press different shapes and plain tablets with unprecedented efficiency
6, Cleaner and more hygienic tablet production


The Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches can be used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food production, etc. It is especially beneficial in the pharmaceutical industry, where precise and hygienic tablets are essential.

Technical Parameters:

Max.Dia.of Tablet(mm)12
Max.Depth of Fill(mm)15
Max.Thickness of Tablet(mm)6
Turret Speed(r/min)30
Production Capacity(pc/h)16200
Overall Size(mm)400*580*1000
Net Weight(kg)310


Q1: What material is used to make the Rotary Tablet Press?
A1: The Rotary Tablet Press is made from industrial-grade stainless steel for maximum durability.
Q2: How does the high visibility isolation door work?
A2: The high visibility isolation door helps stop any risk of cross-contamination by providing an extra layer of protection between the user and the tablet press.
Q3: What types of tablets can be created using this machine?
A3: This tablet press can produce different shapes and plain tablets with unparalleled precision.
Q4: Can the parts be easily removed for maintenance?
A4: Yes! All parts are easily removable so that you can perform routine maintenance on your device quickly and efficiently.
Q5: Are there any safety protocols in place on this machine?
A5: Absolutely! The Rotary Tablet Press With 9 Punches has been designed with dustproof systems for improved safety and a high visibility isolation door that provides extra protection against cross-contamination.

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