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Autoamtic Tobacco Packaging Machine

Autoamtic Tobacco Packaging Machine

Tianjiu is the best Tobacco Packaging Machine in China, offering top-notch automation, information, and mechatronics technology that guarantees high-quality packaging of tobacco products. Companies looking to wholesale Tobacco Packaging Machines in bulk can rely on Tianjiu for the best quality machines that meet customer requirements. Get your own Tianjiu packer today to enjoy an unbeatable performance!


Product Description

Automatic Tobacco Packaging Machine is a specialized production equipment for packaging tobacco products. It is equipped with advanced automation, information, and mechatronics technology that enables efficient and accurate packaging of tobacco items. Utilizing this machine makes it possible to achieve high-quality tobacco packaging that meets the growing customer demands.

Machine Features:

1. Versatility: Automatic Tobacco Packaging Machine can package tobacco products in various sizes, shapes, and types, depending on the customer’s requirements.
2. High reliability: It ensures safety and security during operation by adhering to the highest safety standards.
3. Efficiency: It is equipped with the latest technology that increases the packaging speed and reduces the time required for packaging.
4. Automation: The machine is fully automated and reduces the need for human intervention in the packaging process.
5. Flexible configuration: The machine can be easily configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Machine Applications:

Automatic Tobacco Packaging Machine is used in the tobacco industry for packaging cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging drugs in strips or blister packs.

Technical Parameters:

Technical Figures
Packing speed(Bag/Min)30-70Working Voltage220V
Making bag sizeL:30-150mmThe Shape Of The Bag Making3/4 sides sea
Maximum outer diameter of reel paper(mm)350-450/Power1.5KW
Calculate range(ml)5-200mlNet weight290KG
The Thickness Of The Packing Film(mm)0.03-0.10Outside Dimension(mm)650×900×1550


1. What is the packaging capacity of the Automatic Tobacco Packaging Machine?
Ans: The packaging capacity of the machine varies depending on the type of tobacco product being packaged. However, it is capable of packaging up to 200 packets per minute.
2. What is the maintenance cost of the machine?
Ans: The machine requires minimal maintenance, and the cost is relatively low compared to other packaging machines.
3. How does the machine ensure the safety of the products being packaged?
Ans: The machine has safety sensors and mechanisms that ensure the products are not damaged during packaging.
4. Can the machine be customized to meet specific packaging requirements?
Ans: The machine’s configuration can be customized to meet customer requirements.
5. Can the machine package tobacco products that are not in the form of strips or bulk?
Ans: The machine can package tobacco products in various forms, including cigarettes, cigars, and others.

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