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Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine For Juice And Milk

Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine For Juice And Milk

The Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine For Juice And Milk is a powerful machine that completes the processes of forming, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing, and cutting automatically. Its process parts are made of stainless steel for durability and hygiene, while its heat-sealing bag length, package weight, heating temperature adjustment, and other features provide reliable performance with high accuracy and fast packaging speed. Furthermore, its user-friendly controls make for easy setup and maintenance. This makes it an ideal choice for users looking to get rich yields from their product.


Product Description

Technical Parameters

Packing range10-350ml
Packing speed30-50 bags/min
Making bag sizeL50-280mm, W15-130mm
Packing accuracy≤±1%
Air Consumption0.8Mpa,0.3m³/min
Power1.6 KW
Seal Type3/4 sides seal,pillow seal
Power supply1 Ph,AC220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight300kg
Machine dimensionL800*W680*H1950mm

Details Images

Details Images
Details Images


1. What kind of liquids and products can the Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine handle?
The Automatic Liquid Filling Packing Machine is designed to handle juice, milk, soy milk, dairy products, and other viscous liquid-based items with ease.

2. Does this machine guarantee a uniform fill?
Yes, this machine is equipped with an overfill protection system which ensures that all packages are filled accurately and uniformly.

3. What types of containers can it pack?
This machine can work with a variety of containers, including cups, cans, and bottles.

4. Is the operation of this machine user-friendly?
Yes, the operation panel on the machine is easy to use and intuitive, allowing for quick setup and production start time.

5. How much power does it require for operation?
The machine requires around 1.6kw depending on the model type selected and its applications.

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