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Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line

Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line

You are introducing the Tianjiu Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line – a fully automated, professional-grade machine tailored to your bulk packaging needs. This cutting-edge solution offers an intuitive touch-screen control panel and movable powder hopper for enhanced flexibility and convenience. Ideal for businesses seeking the most efficient and cost-saving way to package capsules in bulk, this specialized machinery will revolutionize production processes like never before!


Product Description

The Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line is a state-of-the-art machine designed to streamline the production process of capsule packaging. This machine is versatile and easy to use, equipped with a touch-screen control panel and a moveable powder hopper. It also complies with CE and international standards, ensuring the safety and reliability of the electrical control systems. With precision engineering and modern technology, this packaging line is a must-have for any hard capsule manufacturer.

Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line


1, Touch-screen control panel with LCD
2, Capsule vacuum positioning machine with 99% pass rate
3, Movable powder hopper for cleaning and easy adjustment
4, Complies with CE and international standards
5, Sleeker design turret with precision beeline bearings imported from Japan
6, Smooth running cam with high-level lubrication
7, Computer-controlled system with clear numerical displays
8, Multi-bore dosing for precision dosage (controlled at 3.5%)
9, Can fill traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine
10, Protector equipment for operator and machine
11, Automatic pause equipment when the material is lacking
12, Steady and safe operation


The Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line is perfectly suited for producing hard capsules in traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It is ideal for pharmaceutical companies, nutraceutical manufacturers, and other facilities requiring high precision and accuracy in capsule packaging. With its advanced technology and customizable features, this machine can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any manufacturing facility.

Technical Parameters:

Model NJP-200 NJP-400 NJP-600 NJP-800 NJP-1200 NJP-2000 NJP-3500
Filling dosage form Powder&granule, pellet, or tablet
Output(pcs/min) 200 400 600 800 1200 2000 3500
Capsule size No.00-No.5
Capsule qualified rate ﹥99%
Dosing precision ﹤±4%


1. How does the capsule vacuum positioning machine work?
The capsule vacuum positioning machine uses suction to position and orient the capsules, ensuring they are properly aligned for filling and packaging.

2. Can the Integrated Automatic Capsules Packaging Line replace traditional Chinese and Western medicine?
Yes, the machine is designed to fill both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

3. What is the pass rate of the capsule vacuum positioning machine?
The capsule vacuum positioning machine has a pass rate of over 99%.

4. What is the multi-bore dosing feature?
The multi-bore dosing feature ensures precision dosage by controlling the fill weight at around 3.5%.

5. What kind of protective equipment does the machine have?
The machine has protective equipment for both the operator and the machine, ensuring safe and secure operation.

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