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Hot Seller Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine

Hot Seller Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine

Tianjiu is a leading manufacturer of chili sauce packing machines from China. Our expertly engineered machine offers high automation and efficiency, with two aluminum or stainless steel vacuum chambers, offering superior sealing for no leakage. This makes it perfect for bulk orders, ensuring quick and reliable packaging processes. Invest in the Tianjiu Chili Sauce Packing Machine today and revolutionize your business.


Product Description

The Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine is a highly advanced system designed to automate the packaging process of chili sauce. The machine is equipped with two vacuum chambers, one upper and one lower, that are made either of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The filling process is completed by placing a sealing ring between the upper and lower vacuum chambers, which prevents any spillages or leakages. The machine is highly sophisticated, and its operations are fully automated, making it quick and efficient in its functions.


1, The Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine is highly durable and long lasting, built with high-quality materials and lasting construction.
2, It has automatic control systems allowing efficient filling, sealing, and packaging without manual intervention.
3, The machine is highly precise, with advanced measurement systems ensuring accurate filling quantities.
4, The device is highly insulated, preventing any temperature changes during the filling process and ensuring the quality of the chili sauce.
5, The machine is highly adjustable, so the packaging can be adapted to different sizes and materials.


The Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine is widely used in the food and beverages industry to package chili sauce quickly and precisely. This advanced machine has eliminated manual labor by automating the packaging process, increasing productivity and efficiency in the food industry. The machine can be used in various types of packaging, including glass jars, plastic bottles, and pouches, among others.

Technical Parameters:

Packing range10-350ml
Packing speed30-50 bags/min
Making bag sizeL50-280mm, W15-130mm
Packing accuracy≤±1%
Air Consumption0.8Mpa,0.3m3/min
Power1.6 KW
Seal Type3/4 sides seal,pillow seal
Power supply1 Ph,AC220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight300kg
Machine dimensionL800*W680*H1950mm


1. What type of power source does the Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine require?
The machine is an electronic device and requires a standard power supply to operate effectively.

2. Can the machine package other types of sauces?
The versatile machine can be modified to package various sauces and other liquid products.

3. Is it possible to adjust the filling quantities?
Yes, the machine can be adjusted to different filling quantities, making it adaptable to different packaging sizes.

4. How long does it take to package chili sauce using the machine?
The machine is highly efficient, and the packaging time depends on the filling quantity, but it can package chili sauce quickly and accurately.

5. Does the machine require regular maintenance?
Like any other sophisticated device, the Chili Sauce Packing Filling Machine requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance will increase its service life, reduce malfunctions, and ensure it operates efficiently.

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