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Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry

Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry

The Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry is a revolutionary tablet press developed to meet industrial requirements for chemical products. It has a unique design that uses graphite instead of metals, providing users with an effective and safe production process. Thanks to the addition of the adjustable hardness control system, the machine can be tailored for more complex Products - making it suitable for a wide range of chemical products. Moreover, its digital control panel makes operation easy and convenient, while its hopper feeder helps ensure the exact dosage of ingredients is used in each batch.


Product Description

Working principle

The Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry can adjust the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablet during operation. Its hydraulic drive system is also set with a pressure gauge attached to it for displaying the pressure value, while an overload protection unit is included to ensure no damage occurs to either the punch or the equipment in case of an overload. The machine automatically shuts off after use.

To further enhance its efficiency, a remote monitoring and remote diagnosis system has been established for this tablet press. This includes staffing, network construction, hardware facilities, software selection, and other components, which work together to monitor any faults that may arise while providing analysis, feedback, and real-time solution services to keep the system functioning effectively.

Technique parameters

Dies (sets)17
Max. Pressure (kn)120
Max. dia. of tablet (mm)36
Max. Depth of fill (mm)18-30
Max. Thickness of largest table (mm)8-15
Turret speed (r/min)10-25
Length of up and down punch pole (mm)45
Length of up punch pole (mm)175
Length of down punch pole (mm)180
Diameter of middle mould (mm)52
Production capacity (pcs/h)11400-25500
Motor power (kW)7.5
Overall size (mm)900*800*1640
Weight (kg)1500

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Q1:What is a Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry, and how does it work?

Graphite Tablet Press For Chemical Industry is a state-of-the-art equipment that is used for the production of tablets in the chemical industry. It uses advanced technology to compress powders and granules into uniform tablets with precise dimensions, weight, and consistency. The press uses a combination of pressure, temperature, and die shapes to form the tablets.

Q2:What are the benefits of using a Graphite Tablet Press for the Chemical Industry?

It provides precise control over the tablet’s shape, size, weight, and consistency. This allows for consistent batch production, which is critical in the chemical industry. Additionally, the press is made of high-quality graphite material that is resistant to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. This ensures that the press lasts long and maintains its quality under demanding conditions.

Q3:What types of tablets can be produced with a Graphite Tablet Press for Chemical Industry?

A Graphite Tablet Press for Chemical Industry can be used to produce various types of tablets, including cylindrical, oval, and round tablets. It can also produce tablets with different markings or imprints on them for identification purposes. The press can be adjusted to accommodate different tablet sizes and shapes, making it a versatile piece of equipment for the chemical industry.

Q4:Can the Graphite Tablet Press for Chemical Industry be customized to suit specific requirements?

Yes, Our team of experts can work with the client to create a tailored solution that fits their unique production needs. This includes customizing the die plate, punch, and other machine parts to meet the desired specifications.

Q5:What kind of after-sales support does the manufacturer offer for Graphite Tablet Press for Chemical Industry?

We offer comprehensive after-sales support for our Graphite Tablet Press for Chemical Industry. This includes technical support, maintenance services, and spare parts supply. Additionally, we offer training services to ensure that the client’s operations are optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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