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High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses

High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses

High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses advanced features, including the ability to apply high levels of pressure, make it a favorite among experts. The device's compact size and intelligent design make it easy to operate and maintain, significantly reducing the learning curve for operators. Overall, the High-Pressure Intelligent Tablet Press is a superior product that promises efficiency, quality, and reliability to those in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.


Product Description


1. The High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses is a robust single-sided press machine that utilizes ZP dies to convert granular raw materials into round tablets and various shapes.
2. It boasts two features, namely pre-pressure and main pressure, that upgrade the quality of the tablet produced.
3. The machine also features a PLC speed-regulating device, making it easy to operate, safe and reliable.
4. Additionally, the device is equipped with a user-friendly PLC touchscreen that displays digital data and can connect to USB ports for data collection of the tablet operating state.
5. The High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses have a reasonable transmission structure that ensures stability, durability, and long service life.

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Technique Parameter

Dies (sets)81018
Type of Tooling1′D1′D1′D
Max. Pressure (kn)808060
Max. Pre-Pressure(kn)101010
Max. Tablet Diameter (mm)222216
Max. Filling Depth (mm)171717
Max. Thickness of largest tablet (mm)666
Max. Turret Speed(r/min)) 5-30 5-30 5-30
Capacity (pcs/hour)144001800032000
Motor Power (kw)
Overall dimensions (mm)750×660×1620
Net weigh t(kg)780


Q1:What is the main advantage of using High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses?
High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses offer a highly efficient way of producing high-quality tablets speedy. This tablet press is designed with high-pressure capabilities to produce tablets that are durable, strong, and uniform in size and weight. The High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses ensure consistent production, minimal waste, and increased overall productivity.

Q2:How do High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses improve production efficiency?
High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses have advanced automation and state-of-the-art electronic controls that minimize human error during operation. This technology enhances efficiency, reduces downtime and the need for manual intervention, thereby increasing productivity. It delivers accurate results, enabling you to complete large production dashes.

Q3:Can High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses handle different types and sizes of tablets?
Our tablet press can handle various sizes, ranging from small granular tablets to more significant, thicker ones. High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses are highly configurable and can be customized to meet your production specifications. Additionally, our tablet press can produce round, oval, or customized tablet shapes, with adjustments to the design accordingly.

Q4:What safety measures are included with High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses?
Safety is an essential aspect of designing and configuring High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses. Our tablet press comes with several safety features that ensure your operators work in a safe environment. These safety features include automatic moving guards, interlocking systems, and emergency stop switches. Furthermore, our tablet press is made from high-quality materials that guarantee its longevity and safety during use.

Q5:How easy is it to maintain High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses?
The ease of maintenance is at the core of the High-pressure Intelligent Tablet Presses design. Our tablet press is user-friendly, easy to operate, maintain, and clean. It features a modular design allowing quick component replacement and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training and support for our users, covering all care, operation, and cleaning aspects.

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