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High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine is a versatile device that can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and electronics industries. It has a capacity of up to 300000 pieces per hour, allowing for large batches of tablets to be created quickly and effectively. This machine can accurately press particles according to the requirements of pressing tablets. Its robust construction ensures long-term reliability even with heavy workloads, and its easy operation makes it ideal for any industry setting.


Product Description

Main features

  1. The High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine offers maximum pressure, as well as a pre-pressing device to extend the duration of compression in order to achieve higher quality tablets.
  2. This machine provides quick and efficient double-sided tablet production, with a high-speed output easily able to meet the demands of pharmaceutical mass production.
  3. Pressure sensors are installed on the pressure roller parts of this machine, allowing for the average working pressure to be accurately displayed via an amplifier and screen. Furthermore, a maximum working pressure can be set; when exceeded, the machine will automatically shut down for added protection.

Technical Parameters

No.of Stations353743455357
Max. Pressure (kn)808080808080
Max. Pre-pressure (kn)606060606060
Max. Filling Depth (mm)181818181818
Max. Tablet Dia (mm)252318171311
Max. Tablets output (ten thousand/ hour) 18.919.9823.2224.328.6230.78
Max. Turret Speed (r/min)454545454545
Main Motor Power(kw)
Height of the Machine (mm)Without Hopper175017501750175017501750
With Hopper190019001900190019001900
Machine Floor Space (mm²)1170*12901170*12901170*12901170*12901170*12901170*1290
Machine Net Weight(kg)350035003500350035003500

Details Images

Details Images
Details Images


Q1:What is the maximum speed of your High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine?
Our High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine can produce up to 300,000 tablets per hour, making it one of the fastest machines on the market. This high production speed makes it ideal for manufacturers who need to complete large orders quickly and efficiently.

Q2:How precise is your tablet press when it comes to the weight and thickness of tablets?
Our High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine features advanced weight control systems that ensure tablets are produced with a high degree of precision. The machine is capable of producing tablets with varying thicknesses and weights, ranging from 2mm to 25mm and 50mg to 100g, respectively.

Q3:What materials can your tablet press work with?
Our High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine can work with a variety of materials, including powders, granulates, and pellets. It is compatible with a range of formulations, including vitamin tablets, dietary supplements, and compressed candies, to name a few.

Q4:What safety features does your tablet press have to ensure operator safety?
Our High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine features advanced safety systems to protect operators during operation. These systems include emergency stop buttons, interlock safety guards, and automatic shut-off in the event of an error or malfunction.

Q5:Can your tablet press be customized to meet specific requirements?
Yes, our High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. This includes modifications to the tooling, tablet size, and weight control systems. Our engineering team can work with customers to develop a tailored solution that meets their unique requirements.

Get the Complete Rotary High Speed Tablet Press Solution.

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