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Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine

Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine

The Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine is compatible with a variety of composite membranes and PE membranes, making it ideal for producing pillow bags, side folding bags, even bags, and hook hole bags. Additionally, the machine features a self-diagnostic function that automatically alarms and prompts users to troubleshoot any issues. For over 10 years, we have been proud to provide Low Price VFFS Packaging Machines for wholesalers and other businesses. Our machines are reliable, durable, and cost-effective. We hope that customers will join us in our endeavor to create top-quality packaging solutions that meet all of your needs.


Product Description

Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine Features

  1. The Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine has a touch screen control interface that can store the packaging parameters of numerous products, making product replacement simple and hassle-free.
  2. Its die-drawing power is driven by a servo motor to accurately control bag length and operate more stably.
  3. The horizontal seal is powered by a servo motor for low-noise operation with adjustable sealing pressure suitable for various thicknesses and structures.
  4. An intelligent horizontal sealing material detection system ensures safe operation while using this machine.
  5. Reliable PLC control, precise servo system, imported bearings, and international brand electrical appliances allow for 24 hours of continuous use with this machine.

Technical Parameters

Packing range5-100ml
Packing speed30-60 bags/min
Making bag sizeL50-150mm, W15-130mm
Packing accuracy≤±1%
Air Consumption0.8Mpa,0.3m³/min
Power1.6 KW
Seal Type3/4 sides seal,pillow seal
Power supply1 Ph,AC220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight250kg
Machine dimensionL800*W680*H1800mm

Details Images

Details Images
Details Images


Q1:What materials can be packed with the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine?

Our Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine can pack various materials, such as grains, powder, liquids, and even irregularly shaped products, such as hardware parts. It can also accommodate different packaging materials, such as plastic films, laminated films, and paper bags.

Q2:Does the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine require a lot of maintenance?

No, the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine is designed for easy maintenance and long-term use. It features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, allowing operators to easily adjust the settings and perform routine maintenance tasks. Additionally, its robust construction and durable components ensure reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Q3:What are the benefits of using the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine?

The Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine offers several benefits, including increased productivity, precision, and cost-effectiveness. It can package products at high speeds, ensuring faster production times and higher output. Its accurate weighing and filling systems also minimize waste and reduce costs associated with manual packaging.

Q4:Can the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine accommodate different bag sizes and shapes?

Yes, the Low Price VFFS Packaging Machine can be customized to fit various bag sizes and shapes, depending on the specific needs of the customer. It also features a user-friendly control system that allows for easy adjustment of the bag length, width, and thickness.

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