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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press is composed of a gantry-type fuselage welded with carbon steel and a main shaft connected to an eccentric wheel, a filling cam, and a rocker arm that is accompanied by a handle. This handle allows manual operation of the machine, which in turn drives the main shaft and its components, such as the eccentric wheel, filling cam, lifting rod, and feeder. Additionally, this machine features a small lever that propels the feeder in order to enable different kinds of lifting movements.


Product Description


  1. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press is designed to be light and attractive, with a compact structure constructed using stainless steel for easy cleaning.
  2. It has been made with user-friendliness in mind, making it easier to operate and labor-saving – ideal for lab use.
  3. Its small footprint comes with casters installed at the bottom for convenient transportation; it also only needs 220V voltage, as most laboratories’ distribution systems are compatible with this voltage requirement.
  4. Not only is its forming speed fast and output high, but it also allows continuous production to satisfy most demands.
  5. This Press has a wide range of applications and can be tailored to customers’ needs by producing a variety of molds, ranging from round or square shapes to various specialized forms.
  6. Lastly, the machine can be adjusted so that tablet weight, thickness, and hardness can all be changed according to different tableting requirements – even 3 grams of material can be processed! Excellent for laboratory customers!

Technical Parameters

No.of Stations353743455357
Max. Pressure (kn)808080808080
Max. Pre-pressure (kn)606060606060
Max. Filling Depth (mm)181818181818
Max. Tablet Dia (mm)252318171311
Max. Tablets output (ten thousand/ hour) 18.919.9823.2224.328.6230.78
Max. Turret Speed (r/min)454545454545
Main Motor Power(kw)
Height of the Machine (mm)Without Hopper175017501750175017501750
With Hopper190019001900190019001900
Machine Floor Space (mm²)1170*12901170*12901170*12901170*12901170*12901170*1290
Machine Net Weight(kg)350035003500350035003500

Product Picture

Product Picture
Product Picture


Q1. What is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press, and what does it do?

A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press is a specialized machine used in the pharmaceutical industry for producing tablets and pills. It compresses various types of powders into a compact/defined shape for easy ingestion by patients.

Q2. What types of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machines are available in the market?

There are mainly three types of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machines available in the market: Single Punch Tablet Press, Rotary Tablet Press, and Multi-station Tablet Press. Each of these machines has its own unique features and specifications, which are designed to meet specific production requirements.

Q3. What materials can be compressed using a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machine?

A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press can compress a wide range of materials, including but not limited to powders, granules, and pellets. These materials can be made from various substances, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, binding agents, lubricants, and fillers.

Q4. What are the quality control measures taken during the production of tablets using a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machine?

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press industry has rigorous quality control standards to ensure that the products produced by the machines are of the highest quality. The machines are routinely calibrated and tested to maintain accuracy and consistency, and the tablets must be checked for weight, hardness, and other specifications before they are released to the market.

Q5. How can one choose the best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machine for their needs?

Choosing the right Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machine depends on several factors, such as the type of tablet to be produced, the level of production required, and the budget available. It is important to work with a reputable manufacturer, such as our company, which has extensive experience in producing high-quality, reliable machines that meet your specific needs. Our experts can help guide you in selecting the best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pill Press machine for your business.

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