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Single Punch Tablet Press-DP

Single Punch Tablet Press-DP

This machine is a state-of-the-art technology developed by leveraging foreign advanced technology. Its continuous automatic tablet press can press powder and granular raw materials into tablets with high material utilization rate. Its structure is designed to be both convenient and easy to use, plus its small size allows for high-pressure and low-noise operation. Not only does this machine comply with national pharmaceutical health requirements, but it has also been optimized for a safer and more standardized production process with several new designs added in the design phase. This makes it ideal for scientific research institutes, process rooms of pharmaceutical factories, and preparation rooms of hospitals.


Product Description


1. This machine is designed with the utmost care, meeting GMP requirements through its fully enclosed design that keeps dust away from the production process.
2. A safety protection device provides a more humanized experience for operators, enabling them to work in a larger space with improved carrying capacity.
3. Its excellent carrying capacity also makes it suitable for producing various sizes and shapes, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of tablet production needs.

Main Purpose:

Pharmaceutical production: Single-punch tablet presses often produce pharmaceuticals, such as pills and pellets. This is because they can easily dispense precise dosages of active ingredients into each capsule or bullet.

Food processing: The precision of single-punch tablet presses is also functional in food production. For example, they can create candy confectionery products like gumballs, mints, and hard candy.

Cosmetics production: Besides being used for producing medicines and food items, single-punch tablet presses also benefit the cosmetics industry. With ease and consistency, they can create makeup, such as eyeshadow palettes and blush compacts.

Industrial applications: Single-punch tablet presses have also been successfully utilized in industrial settings for manufacturing products like briquettes or pressed compounds used as fuel or raw materials for other products.

Education/research purposes: They can also be used by educational institutions and research teams who need access to an efficient method of creating uniform tablets on demand for their experiments or courses on pharmaceutical science.

From medical production to education – single-punch tablet presses provide a versatile solution that offers accuracy and speed while helping to streamline processes in various industries worldwide.

Technical Parameters:

ModelDP-12DP-25 I
Punch quantity (Sets)11
Max. tablet diameter (mm)1225
Max. output (tablets/minute)6060
Max. main pressure(kn)5050
Max. filling depth(mm)2020
Max. tablet thickness (mm)88
Motor power(kw)220V/50HZ, 1.1KW220V/50HZ. 1.5KW
Overall size(mm)550x450x750580 x 500 x 830
Machine weight(kg)100150


Q1:What is the purpose of a Single Punch Tablet Press?
A Single Punch Tablet Press is used primarily for compressing and forming powders or granular materials into various shapes and sizes of tablets. It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture tablets, capsules, and other solid dosage forms. It can also be used to compress non-pharmaceutical items such as vitamins, candy, food products,ts, and cosmetics.

Q2:What are the components of a Single Punch Tablet Press?
A Single Punch Tablet Press typically consists of several main parts: a ram for controlling the pressure on the tablet being formed,d; an upper punch assembly consisting of an upper punch head, and d,e; a lower punch assembly consisting of a lower punch head and die; a die plate with holes for different shaped tablets; a dosing hopper for holding material to be compressed; and side plates for containing powder during the pressing process.

Q3:How does a Single Punch Tablet Press work?
The material is placed in the dosing hopper above the die pla,  which has openings to form various shapes and sizes of tablets. A mechanical or hydraulic ram then applies pressure to force the material through these openings onto the lower punch h, pushing it into shape when removed from the press. The finished tablet is then ejected from the machine via gravity by air suction systems.

Q4:What are some advantages of using a Single Punch Tablet Press over other presses?

Due to its precision engineering, single-punch tablet presses offer greater accuracy than other tying, enabling more consistent output products with fewer rejects. Additionally, this type of press requires minimal maintenance since only one component needs to be changed to change out different dies and operate at higher production rates when compared to multi-station presses with multiple tooling components that need frequent adjustment. Finally, single punches are more cost-effective than their counterparts due to their relatively low price tag compared to multi-station presses requiring several tooling components that need periodic adjustment or replacement due to wear and tear over time.

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