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Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP

Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP

If you are looking for a reliable tablet press that can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, and other industries, look no further than This single-punch tablet press-TDP is designed with precision engineering to perfection, allowing for tablets to be pressed very accurately and quickly. This tablet press allows for repeatable dosage sizes for various applications, ensuring consistency in production and maximum accuracy. Constructed with components that can withstand high pressure and temperature environments, this single-punch tablet press is built tough to last through long hours of usage.


Product Description


1. Boasting excellent performance, strong adaptability, and user-friendly design, this machine is designed for convenience and ease of maintenance.
2. It is both small in size and lightweight, plus it has the option to be manually pressed when no power source is present.
3. Equipped with one pair of punching dies, this machine allows users to adjust the depth of material filling and tablet thickness with ease.
4. By changing the punches on the dies, you can create tablets of different sizes and shapes – perfect for pressing Chinese and Western medicine tablets across various industries!
Highly sought after in a variety of industries, this machine meets all requirements for similar products, which makes it an attractive option for many users alike.

Main Purpose:

This machine is the perfect solution for pressing granular raw materials into tablets, making it ideal for trial and small batch production in a range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food plants, hospitals, research institutes, and labs. It has become popular amongst users for its easy-to-use design and reliable performance.

Technical Parameters:

Max. tablet pressure (kn)155060
Max. tablet diameter (mm)122025
Max. filling depth (mm)121616
Max. tablet thickness (mm)666
Production capacity (Pc/h)600060005000
Motor power (kw)0.370.751.1
Overall size (mm)700x370x800700x400x800700x500x900
Machine weight (kg)60125140


Q1: What is a Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP?
A single-punch tablet press is a machine used to produce tablets and pills. It comprises several components: an upper and lower die, a die table, a main drive motor, and pre-mixed powder material. The press works by pressing the upper die onto the lower die in one smooth motion, compressing the powder inside into a tablet form.

Q2:How Does a Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP Work?
The single-punch tablet press uses force to compress a pre-mixed powder material into tablet shapes. The upper and lower dies are placed over each other with the pre-mixed powder between them. When the machine is turned on, a drive motor activates the upper die, moving it downward in one smooth motion, pressing it against the lower die, and compressing the powder into a tablet shape.

Q3:What Are the Benefits of Using a Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP?
Using a single-punch tablet press offers many benefits for those manufacturing tablets or pills. For example, it ensures that each unit has uniform weight and size for consistent quality control standards; it also allows for higher production rates because there is no need to count out personal tablets or pills manually; and it eliminates wastage due to inaccurate measurements when using manual methods such as spoons or cups.

Q4:What Types of Materials Can Be Used in Single Punch Tablet Presses-TDP?
Single punch presses are typically used with dry materials such as powders or granules made from pharmaceutical ingredients, vitamins, minerals, food additives, antibiotics, etc. Still, they can also be used to compress wet materials such as pastes or ointments if modified appropriately.

Q5:What Safety Measures Should Be Taken When Operating a Single Punch Tablet Press-TDP?
Safety should always be taken seriously when operating any machinery to avoid accidents or injuries occurring during use. When working with any machinery designed for compressing materials into tablets, particular caution. Therefore, operators should wear protective gear such as gloves or face masks when operating single punch presses; appropriate training should always be undertaken before using this equipment. menu

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